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Mutual funds in Guernsey

Recent years have seen mutual funds become the largest growth sector in the investment industry worldwide, and Blenheim’s team in Guernsey can help our clients benefit from that. We know that many investors want to convert their investments into mutual funds, and we have the experience to assist.

While the major investment houses have for many years offered a wide range of mutual funds, our clients are often looking to benefit from a more personalised and tailored service, which is exactly what Blenheim can offer. The present climate offers significant opportunities for small and medium-sized investment managers, traders and brokers to form their own funds.

The global reach of the Blenheim Group means that our Guernsey team can work with our office in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) to form funds. The flexibility of the BVI Business Company and the use of segregated portfolio companies has meant that the BVI has long been one of the major jurisdictions for the formation of mutual funds and fund managers and advisers. Our staff have a wealth of experience to offer to ensure that mutual funds are formed and administered effectively and efficiently.

Like Guernsey, the BVI is a well-regulated jurisdiction and the BVI Securities and Investment Business Act provides the platform for licensed funds, fund managers, recognised professionals and private funds.

Benefits to situating your mutual fund in Guernsey with Blenheim Group include:

  • Diversification – provides access to a broad range of securities
  • Low cost – easy access into a diversified portfolio
  • Convenience and flexibility – own just one security rather than many yet enjoy the benefits of a diversified portfolio

Your business is important to us here at Blenheim. Please complete the form below and I will contact you to discuss your requirements. On completion of the form you will be directed to a page where you can download our Offshore Company Formation questionnaire should you wish to commence the application process immediately.

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Guernsey mutual funds

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