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Offshore private trusts in Guernsey

Blenheim offers a comprehensive and professional service to those looking to establish or administer an offshore private trust in Guernsey. It is a well-established industry sector in the island and the team at Blenheim has a wealth of experience that they can offer to clients looking to take advantage of the benefits private trusts can bring.

A private trust company is a privately owned company that acts as appointed trustee, usually for a family trust or group of trusts. It is a trust company, albeit one that does not act commercially for any third-party trusts.

The offshore private trust companies administered by Blenheim are often, but by no means exclusively, at the heart of a family office established to run a family’s global financial affairs. Traditionally, settlors have appointed professionals, family members or friends to act as trustees of their settlements. Although historically this has been acceptable, the increased burden and risk on trustees currently means that many individuals are reluctant to accept the role.

Appointing Blenheim as a corporate trustee resolves any potential exposure by family members and friends and means that settlors can be assured their trust structure is being dealt with professionally and efficiently.

Guernsey’s fiduciary environment is supported by first class infrastructure. The island has 50 years’ experience in providing trust services, and remains at the forefront of the industry. The 2008 Guernsey Trusts Law introduced purpose trusts and also abolished the personal liability of directors in private trust companies.

The established trust industry in the island also means that the skilled team at Blenheim has access to a network of sophisticated legal, accounting, tax and actuarial advisers so all your requirements can be met.

Benefits to situating your offshore private trust in Guernsey with Blenheim Group include:

  • Privately owned company that acts typically for one family trust or group of trusts
  • Can provide immediate and long-term tax planning advantages
  • Provides a corporate Trustee to act for the family wealth as opposed to appointing an individual to act as Trustee
  • Ensures privacy and allows for rapid commercial decisions to be made

Your business is important to us here at Blenheim. Please complete the form below and I will contact you to discuss your requirements. On completion of the form you will be directed to a page where you can download our Offshore Company Formation questionnaire should you wish to commence the application process immediately.

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Offshore private trusts in Guernsey

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