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Trust management in Guernsey

Guernsey has a well-established trust management sector and Blenheim’s experienced team can offer a service that will enable our clients to benefit from all the island has to offer. The politically stable and well-regulated environment means that your wealth can be protected as you plan for your future.

For many generations trusts have been used in common law countries for family wealth, succession planning and asset protection. Whatever your aim, Blenheim can ensure that your trust is managed in the optimum way for you. Our staff will work closely with your professional advisers to ensure that their suggested structures are implemented and administered efficiently and effectively.

Common structures in Guernsey include family offices, private trust companies, discretionary trusts, charitable foundations, purpose trusts and philanthropic advisory services. Our team has considerable expertise in managing the full range of trust vehicles for corporate and private clients, which can form an important part of an overall wealth planning structure.

While the trust industry is well-established in Guernsey, the island remains innovative in this area and the management services Blenheim can offer include the most recent advances in the sector. Alongside traditional trust structures, Guernsey can also offer foundations through its introduction of a Guernsey Foundation Law.

Benefits to working with Blenheim Group include:

  • Succession Planning
  • Asset protection
  • Wealth planning

Your business is important to us here at Blenheim. Please complete the form below and I will contact you to discuss your requirements. On completion of the form you will be directed to a page where you can download the associated questionnaires should you wish to commence the application process immediately.

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Trust management in Guernsey

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